Conventional Optical Imaging

Optical imaging using image sensors such as CCD or CMOS device is key to many industrial products and is becoming a part of everyday life through integration in various consumer products. Conventional imaging utilizes intensity values from "multiple" pixels to create an image of an object. However, details of an object "within" a single pixel cannot be seen, as illustrated by an example below (images A & B ) for a camera with 16 (4x4) pixels.

( A )
( B )

LightSpeed Approach

In LightSpeed’s proprietary optical imaging technology, a series of light patterns with sub-pixel resolution are used to illuminate the sample (C), and for each illumination pattern, an image is acquired using a camera (D). The resulting series of images are then processed by the company’s proprietary software which generates a ultra-high resolution image (E) revealing sub-pixel details in real time. The LightSpeed team has transformed this innovative new optical concept into a compact and cost-effective product that is easy to be integrated into existing optics to boost its performance.

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